How To Prevent Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Disabled

1. Do not constantly log in to Facebook or your Ads Manager from multiple locations (different IP's).

- Avoid logging in and logging out into your Facebook account. For each laptop/mac/desktop you use make sure you only have one account log in in that device. When travelling it's best to use Facebook mobile using smartphone/iphone.

2. If you have a newer account it's IMPORTANT to ‘season' your account and warm it up.

- Do not create a Facebook Ad atleast 1 week, if you've just created your Facebook page. 

- Don't scale/spend too much too quickly.

3. Clean Up Your Ad Account

- Delete immediately Facebook ad creatives that have been disapproved. Also delete campaigns that you are not using anymore to make sure that you are always compliant to Facebook ever changing algorithm.

- Always make sure to check who are your Ad account administrators, editors, page admin, editors and basically whom you assigned your ad account page roles and FB page (page role). Make your that they are associated with any flagged Facebook ad account.

4. Compliance of Your Ads

- Before creating any ad campaigns please make sure that you read carefully: (This is a life saver!!!)

- No Claims, Avoid ad copies with monetary value , for example "I've earned $5 million in just 30 days using this secret strategy..", if you ever want to insert monetary claims position it as a case study.

- Don't capitalize the word "FREE" in you ad copy.

- Instead of using "free" use the word "no cost".

- Always check your negative feedback , if your ads have constantly high negative feedback, turn your ad immediately and create alternative ad creative. (Check out Jason Hornung's detailed explanation here).

- Never, ever use unrelated / misleading images​.

5. Your intentions must be clear on your landing page

- Your landing page copy must be congruent with your Facebook ad copy.

- You must display reputable business elements on EVERY landing page. Section to include are "privacy policy", "contact", "earnings disclaimer" and "terms & condition".

- Do not ever add an "EXIT POP UP" (remember this!!!)

- Always have this is your footer "This site is not part of Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endored by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc."


- Before creating a Facebook Ad campaign, create a business account first. (You can set up an account here: )

- After you've created your Facebook Business Account, create multiple ad accounts connected to different payment source(credit card)

- Make sure that your payment source (credit card) is either VISA, MASTERCARD or American Express. Do not use PAYPAL at all.

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