Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns [Simple 5 Step Formula]

What if I tell you that you can predict whether your Facebook Ad campaigns will be profitable or not in just a few minutes?..maybe a few seconds? 

Yes that 100% possible & accurate 🙂

In this blog post I'll walk you through the metrics you should track, why they matter, and how you can use these metrics to get every of your ads profitable and even save money by getting better results from your ads per dollar you spend.

Facebook Ads (Key Performance Indicator Calculation)


Know your average order value and cost per acquisition (For example, your products sells at $1000 for a one time payment and with no upsell, your average order value is valued @ $1000, in order to have 2:1 sure return you should not spend mope than $500, so your cost per acquisition is valued @ <$500)


Know how many leads you need to generate (For example to generate 100 customers, divide 100/by your average sales conversation rate, for example 100/3%=3333, so you need 3333 leads to generate 100 customers for your business.


Clicks ( Divide your needed leads by your landing page conversion rate, 3333/20% = 16,667, so you need 16,667 clicks to generate 100 customers.


Cost per Click (Multiply cost per acquisition by 100 customers divided by clicks needed, so that will be 50 x 100 / 16,667 = < 0.29 CPC


Cost per Lead (CPC times 5 , so that will be < 1.49 Cost per Lead)

- Nicholas Kusmich (speaker, a strategic consultant, and the leading authority on Facebook and Social Advertising)

CREDIT FOR THE FORMULA: JASON HORNUNG (real-deal Facebook advertising guru)

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