VA 202 Work at Home/Business Gold Rush

vA 202                      VA 202 Work at Home/Business Gold Rush is a seminar conducted by Mr. Jomar Hilario and Mr. Jay Mclean on November 7-8, 2014.



                   It’s a seminar about how to effectively create Facebook Ads to dramatically help the business owner to grow their business if you’re a Virtual Assistant and increase sales and customers for business owners without spending that much and having a profitable return of investments.


                    The seminar is also about LinkedIn marketing, it talks about the 7 segments of an awesome LinkedIn profile. It also teaches you awesome cloud tools to increase your productivity and also shows demo on google applications.










                       I bought the downloadable version of the seminar because I cannot go to the live event because I’m currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an Overseas Filipino worker. I already started the VA Assignments like doing the Facebook Ads, having an email catcher and a blog before the video of the live event came out. When the video of the live event was already uploaded I immediately finished watching all the videos of the Day 1 because I have a lot of free time at work as an Emergency Medical Technician in a remote area clinic. I am now currently waiting for the day 2 videos to continue learning and improving my Facebook ads and LinkedIn profile.


As of now this are my accomplishments:

fb ads



Now I challenged you to also avail the VA 202 Seminar and start your journey towards time and financial freedom!


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